Lakshadweep is one of the worlds most spectacular tropical island systems. The reefs remain pristine, the people continue to fish, grow coconuts and smile a lot.
And that's in the handful of islands that have any population at all. The vast majority still remain much as they were the day nature conjured them up.


Accommodation Charges at Kadmat, Minicoy, Kavaratti, Thinnakara and Bangaram Islands - 2016 - 2017

Accommodation Charges at Kadmat, Minicoy, Kavaratti, Thinnakara and Bangaram Islands
Published on15 Apr, 2016 Kavaratti

Sub: -Lakshadweep-Revision of accommodation charges for staying packages with immediate effect -  The rates for 2016 - 2017 are as follows.

Due to litigation, the Agatti Island Resorts are not operational. All other resorts in the Lakshadeep Islands (Laccadive) ie: Bangaram Island Beach Resort,
Kadmat Island Beach Resort, Thinnakara Beach-tent and Kavaratti Resort are functional. ‘Beach Tent Camping facility’ is available
only at Bangaram & Thinnakara Islands.


For more information on Lakshadweep Accommodation:

Accommodation Tariff 2016- 2017
Kadmat, Minicoy, Kavaratti, Thinnakara and  Bangaram

Name of   package (ISLAND) Category   of Rooms No. of   Rooms Double Single Extra Person
Kadmat Island Beach Resort [] Super   Deluxe (A/C)  5 11000 8000 5000
Deluxe   (A/C) 10 9000 6000 4000
Standard   (A/C)  6 7000 5000 3500
Standard   (Non-A/C) 13 5000 3000 2500
Minicoy Island Beach Resort [] Deluxe   (A/C) 12 8000 6000 3500
Standard   (A/C) 10 6000 5000 3000
Kavaratti Island Beach Resort [] Deluxe   (A/C) 6 8000 6000 3500
Thinnakara Island Beach Resort [] Beach-tent   (Non-A/C) 10 10000 6000 3000
Bangaram Island Beach Resort [] Cottages (Non-A/C) 14 Cottages 15000 10000 7000
Bangaram Island Beach Resort [] Beach-tent   (Non-A/C) 10 Beach-Tents 10000 8000 4000
Last updates: 20th Aug, 2016

Rates in Indian Rupees includes accommodation & all meals. [Government tax 4.5% and other services [if any] payable as extra]
The rates for the month of December will be 10% higher than the normal rates.


• Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) in Lakshadweep [Bangaram & Kadmat ] Islands
MICE Facilities can be arranged at Bangaram & Kadmat Beach Resorts with very special rates;
PRIVATE ISLAND Experiences in Lakshadweep [ Suheli & Cheriyam ] Islands

How To Reach

• Transportation From Kochi (By Air)
Kochi / Agatti / Kochi By Air - Indian Airlines [Please book this online at: (
Supplement for Air Transfers (Transportation to Agatti Island Extra - Economy: INR 3,880/One Way):

• Flight Timing
Departure Kochi (COK) 10:25 - Arrival Agatti Island (AGX) 11:40
Departure Agatti Island (AGX) 12:00 - Arrival Kochi (COK) 13:20

• HSC/Ferry Charges For Inner Island Transfers:-
Agatti to Kadmat 45nml/2.5hrs INR. 4,000/- Per Person One way/ by HSC
Agatti to Bangaram 9 km INR. 2,000/- Per Person One way/ HSC/Mechanized Boat
Agatti to Thinnakara 11km INR. 2,500/- Per Person One way/ HSC/Mechanized Boat
Bangaram to Thinnakara 2km INR. 1,000/- Per Person One way/ Pablo Boat
Child Rate: 50% Payable for children between 1 and 10 years

• Entry Permit Documentations
The Lakshadweep island is a restricted area for outsiders, both the Indian nationals and foreigners. To apply entry permits, name, age, gender, address
(for Indian Nationals) and accommodation voucher/s are required. Foreign Tourists - A scanned copy of Passport and Indian Visa has to be submitted
along with. The Name details has to be submitted for permit documentations for at least 20 days before the travel date.
[Accommodation Vouchers will be issued by us on the basis of full prepayment]

• Transportation (From Kochi By Ship*)
• Kochi / Island / Kochi By MV Kavaratti: First Class: INR. 10,000/- (Both Ways)
• Kochi / Island / Kochi By MV Kavaratti: Second Class: INR. 7,500/- (Both Ways)
• Kochi / Island / Kochi By MVA/MVL: Pushback/Bunk Class: INR. 5,000/- (Both Ways)

Cabin Facility (Ship m.v.Kavaratti):-
Furnished cabins containing a generous amount of space with throughout carpet. Couches, Shelf, Wooden table and private baths in every room in order
to enhance your enjoyment and relaxation. Rooms are available with two Queen-size beds in the Diamond or First class
and four Queen-size beds in the Gold class.

(*Ship Fare is inclusive of food during journey & transfer by boat to the Island. Cabin facility is available only in m.v Kavaratti. The ships m.v Amin Divi;
m.v. Lakshadweep Sea, m.v. Corals etc., are mostly having A/C chair car seating arrangements. Boarding Starts at 09.00 A.M. at
Willingdon Island, Kochi. Travel Time - 18 to 22 Hrs. The Ship Schedules & Rates are subject to revision by authority.

SCUBA Diving: For more diving information:

How To Book
Download Application Form For Booking [Word Format 55 kb]
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Eco Tourism - Lakshadweep Features
The precious heritage of ecology and culture is supported by an extremely fragile ecosystem. Committed to the cause of Eco tourism Union Territory
of Lakshadweep has consciously followed a middle path between tourism promotion and environmental conservation.


Here are some information on the Net we think you might like to follow: Laccadive Networks

Resource: MintValley Tourism Division



The Samudram [Coral Reef 5 Days]- Package 'ex. Kochi' is available for booking between October and May. The detail is in the following.

The Samudram Package is a Five Day cruise which takes tourists to Kavaratti, Kalpeni and Minicoy for day excursion. During the day with lunch, refreshments and entertainment such as folk dance ashore. Swimming, snorkeling and other water sports during the day tour. Sight seeing (Marine Museum, Tuna Factory, Villages etc.) by Four Wheelers. Folk dances of local entertainers will be arranged in every the islands. Night spends onboard the ship MV Kavaratti.

Tourist facilitation desk:-

Departures and Arrivals Halls are located at the new Lakshadweep Wharf, Near FCI Godown, Indira Gandhi Road, Willingdon Island, Kochi.

Onboard the ship:-

Onboard the ship a film is shown to the tourist giving a brief history of Lakshadweep, its environment, the coral reefs and its management, the ban on picking up of corals, using plastics and ways to keep the islands clean and enjoy the beauty without disturbing or destroying it.
..Sample Itinerary.

Please Note:-

The Samudram/Coral Reef/Weekend Tour Package Programmes are now available for both, Indian and Foreign Nationals. Foreign nationals can also avail Kadmat or Bangaram & Thinnakara Beach Tent Camping Adventures!

LTC: Tourists availing LTC may collect LTC certificate from Tour Manager on board at the time of return journey or from 'Sports' office. (Transport and tour change bifurcation is given in the tariff chart. [Place a Query]

Class of Accommodation Transportation Cost Tour Package Cost Total
Diamond Class(Adult) Rs.10,500 Rs.14,500 Rs.25,000/-
Diamond Class(Child)(1-10)yrs Rs.5,500 Rs.12,500 Rs.18,000/-
Rates in Indian Rupees, Govt. Tax applicable rate (3.63%) Rates equivalent in Euro currency exchange rate is applicable for foreigners
The rates for the month of December will be 10% higher than the normal rate.

Package Includes:- Applicable Rate for Children
• On board ship accommodation
• All meals while onboard including snacks
• Adventures & Entertainment Ashore
• Welcome drinks, Lunch and Snacks ashore

• Children Up to 1 yrs. Free of charge
• Children between 1 yrs.To 10 yrs: Rs.18,000/- For 5 Days / Tax extra
• Rate for student group (Min.15 Nos): Rs. 21,800* For 5 Days / Tax extra

Dowinload Package Schedule:- THE MODEL SHIP SCHEDULE FOR THE NEW SEASON 2016--2017"

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View the sample itinerary of the 5 days Cruise Package "Samudram/Coral Reef Cruise Package"

All the Water Sports activities are at their own risk and the organizers will not be responsible in any manner. View ' Safety Measures '

Last Updated on15 Apr, 2016 Kavaratti

The Lakshadweep Samudram
Samudram Package is explained as a mix of 'Sun-Sea-Sand and basic water sports'. In the package, tourist spends four nights onboard the ship m.v. Kavaratti and day time spends on the island exploring unique features of each of these islands. Arrangements has been made in all these islands for receiving domestic tourists. During the day with lunch and refreshments are provided at the island resorts.

Adventure & Entertainment Ashore
The organized activities include shore excursions, water sports and entertainments that include folk dances and cultural activities in different islands. Swimming, boating, snorkeling and other water sports is arranged during the day tour. At Minicoy tourists can visit Lighthouse built in 1885, Tuna Canning Factory and Village Houses. Atop the Lighthouse, one will have a magnificent view of the islands. Here, the tourists will be taken for a long drive through dense coconut groves and winding village roads. The scenic beauty and the small islets Tilakkam, Pitti and Cheriyam at Kalpeni, Marine Aquarium, Museum and Mosques at Kavaratti are some of the other attractions.

Suheli Excursion
Suheli is one of the uninhabited islands in the Lakshadweep Archipelago (India), Arabian Sea. It consists of two islands namely Valiyakara and Cheriyakara. The lagoon of these islands are very big (more than 18 km2) with an abundance of various fish, a dazzling array of corals, free-swimming moray’s, sharks, tuna fish, turtles etc. Suheli island is an important site for tuna fishery. Turtle nesting takes place in sand bar between the two islands. Watersports: snorkelling, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, reef watch day and night.
Excursion to Suheli Island from Agatti / Kavaratti / 'Suheli Island, a 'Marine National Park Project' in Lakshadweep'
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Charter Packages to Lakshadweep
Laccadive Islands is string of little-known islands, lying 250 miles off the Malabar coast of India. There are 36 main islands in all, forming an archipelago of surpassing beauty. Nature and culture have both remained preserved over the centuries, miles from the mainland and the trade routes. This is a world of silver sands and clear warm waters, of submerged banks and virgin reefs, enclosing a fascinating underwater world.

The uninhabited islands consists Bangaram, Tinnakara, Tilakkam and Suheli. Kalpity, Parali 1 & 2, which are nearby Agatti island. The 10 inhabited islands are Minicoy, Andrott, Kavaratti, Kadmat, Agatti, Amini, Kalpeni, Kiltan, Chetlat and Bitra. Four of the islands Bangaram, Agatti, Kadmat and Minicoy are now open to both domestic and foreign tourists.